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Tales of the Texas Rangers

With his trusty horse, Charcoal ("Charky"), riding in a horse trailer towed behind his car, Texas Ranger Jace Pearson, played by movie star, Joel McCrea, drove across the vast Texas range in pursuit of dangerous fugitives. Pearson assisted local law enforcement agencies that called upon him and the celebrated Texas Rangers outfit to round up criminals, sometimes pursuing them on horseback into hill country.

The pet project of film actor, Stacy Keach, the radio show premiered on July 8, 1950 on the NBC network, and ran until September 14, 1952 when it transitioned over to television from 1955-1958.

Described as "authentic reenactments transcribed from the files of the Texas Rangers (a la Dragnet style), the announcer stated at the outset that the names were fictitious "for obvious reasons" and the cases were a "matter of record." Tales of the Texas Rangers drew from authentic cases that occurred between 1928 and 1948, although Pearson used modern techniques to pursue and apprehend fugitives. At the end of each episode, the announcer informed the listening audience about the resulting disposition of the case.

There are 87 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Living Death October 8, 1950
The Devil's Share December 31, 1950
The Cactus Pear December 17, 1950
Candy Man September 16, 1950
The Open Range August 26, 1950
Christmas Present December 24, 1950
Quick Silver August 5, 1950
Dead Give Away October 15, 1950
Blood Relative November 12, 1950
Fool's Gold August 19, 1950
The Lucky Dollar December 10, 1950
The Trigger Men July 29, 1950
Room One Fourteen December 3, 1950
Hanging by a Thread November 26, 1950
The White Suit November 5, 1950
Soft Touch October 29, 1950
Clean Up September 30, 1950
Open and Shut September 23, 1950
Dead or Alive September 9, 1950
Play for Keeps September 2, 1950
The Broken Spur August 12, 1950
The White Elephant July 7, 1950
Apache Peak July 22, 1950
Killers Crop December 31, 1951
Wild Crop November 18, 1951

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